The Wheelin’ 8

On Wednesday 18th May there was an open invitation from our Peer Network Faciliator, Nancy Lear, to join Wheelin’ 8s as they performed their square dancing demonstration at Pearson Hospital. The Wheelin’ 8s are a group of six dancers, Cheryl, Tyler, Mildred, Darlene [group President], Myrna and Nancy, sporting the troupe’s bright colours of green and white, flared skirts, and men with matching neckties.


The caller, Tyler Wagner, gave instruction to the tune of the music, calling out when to whoop and when to turn. The group started their whirling and wheeling to the music and with the audience participating by clapping and whooping.

Then it was time for the residents of Pearson and other audience members to take a turn or two on the dance floor as they joined in the fun and excitement. In between dances while everyone took a well-deserved breather, Tyler Wagner performed a few Elvis favourites before it was back to the square for another dance. Everybody had a wonderful time! Thanks to Nancy Lear and the Wheeling 8s!

If you want more information about our peer program please call Nancy Lear on 778-870-0122 or email her at

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