Well on the way offering 3D Printed Products to clients

The addition of the 3D printer, at BCITS, has been invaluable to our technicians. With the ability to create unique solutions using the 3D printer, TIL and PROP clients will benefit greatly in the future.

Over the past year, our technicians have spent a lot of time learning how to create 3D printed models, from designing online, to perfecting settings and techniques to provide the best available print.

Some of the products we’ve designed and produced so far  include customized enclosures (sip ‘n puff boxes, project enclosures, etc), mounting accessories (Gewa mounts, phone ramps, sip ‘n puff tube organizers), PROP accessories (accessible mask clips, mouthpiece ventilation mounts, power cord strain reliefs, etc) with more exciting projects being developed all the time.



Currently, we are working on an accessible ebook reader. We are using the 3D printer to print a customized holder for the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.

We will showcase future projects on this blog every couple of months to demonstrate the growing line of products TIL is able to offer to our clients at BCITS.

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