Important information about the LSU suction unit

It has come to PROP’s (Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program) attention that the internal battery of the LSU (Laerdal Suction Unit) suction machine, as seen in the picture above, has been recalled. This does not mean that your LSU is defective, or that we need to replace it, but it does require your attention.

The Issue

LSU suction machines have been found to “shut down” when the batteries have a low temperature (0-9oC) and the LSU is set to 350 or 500 mmHg of pressure.

PROP’s Recommendation

When using, storing or transporting your LSU suction machine, do not place it in a cold environment (ie: airplane checked baggage, trunk of vehicle, etc). If your LSU suction has been exposed to cold temperatures:

  1. disconnect the LSU from the catheter
  2. turn the LSU on to full pressure (500mmHg)
  3. let the LSU run for 10 minutes

This will warm the battery to ensure your LSU will function properly.

If you experience this precise issue, please contact PROP (1-866-326-1245 or so we can advise you on solutions and we can document the issue and bring it to the manufacturer’s attention.

Moving Forward

The manufacturer, Laerdal, is working on a solution to the issue, and if this solution requires repair/replacement of your LSU suction, the PROP team will contact you to facilitate the service.

Thank you for your patience as we work with Laerdal to find a long-term, safe solution to this issue.

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