Vivian Garcia

Vivian Garcia is full of ideas, she is fiercely independent and she was born to advocate. Vivian broke her spine in 1988. Vivian’s vehicle for advocacy upgraded upon a chance encounter. She was wheeling on the road with her young son skipping along the nearby sidewalk when she met a city employee who stopped to ask her where her normal route was. He basically said, if the city knew her way, they would make curb cuts for her to travel safely. That unknown man, cut a path that showed her how to move forward. You just have to talk to the right person and have a conversation! In time, change will be done. Over the years, Vivian has been involved with helping those who wish to make change to move forward with input from her many ideas, plus their time, skills, research and the money that comes magically from investors and donors into the mix.

Over the past year, Vivian was involved in Technology for Living Seniors and with the Simon Cox Awards. She has hosted the SCI BC Surrey Bean There monthly coffee group since 2015. During Covid 19 Vivian sat as a member on the Corporation of the City of New Westminster’s Covid 19: Seniors and Peoples with Disabilities Task Force.

As a new member to the Board of Directors, Vivian brings her ideas, experience and sense of humour to the table. Outside of advocating, she is involved in research, she cooks, she gardens, she plays and she has a dog that fills her days.


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