Why am I running 5k for BCITS: Ruth Marzetti

Ruth Marzetti is the ED of BCITS, she would like to thank all the people who have already given to the BCITS “TIL Team”.

Being active is part of my lifestyle. But by taking on this challenge of running 5K to raise funds for BCITS’s Technology for Independent Living (TIL) program, I can also show how much I care about our work on a very personal level. Sometimes running for the sake of it doesn’t always get me out of bed and go training in the cold, wet winter months. Running to raise funds for a non-profit, especially one like BCITS, means I am contributing towards people taking control of their lives.

The people using the services provided by BCITS want to live independently in the community. With the aid of the tools, technology and expertise provided by trained biomeds working in our TIL program, that can be made possible. Getting our members access to bed controls; automatic door openers; switches to make phone calls, change TV or music channels; accessing computers: I believe that is a goal worth running for. Some of the people we work with told me that without access to those tools provided by our TIL program, they would be ‘devastated’.

I care deeply for BCITS’s vision that “Everyone has equal opportunity to maximize their independence” and I am choosing to run on June 25th to personally re-affirm the essence of that statement.

Even more so as I am incredibly proud to run side-by-side with my fellow staff and other supporters of BCITS on 25th June. I know: every dollar raised by our team, by my friends and by my family, will go directly to our TIL program to support our members where it is so very much needed: in their homes.

You can support us in three ways.

1.You can run, walk or wheel on June 25th and raise funds with us by joining BCITS’s TIL team.

2.You can sign up to raise sponsorships for BCITS’s TIL Team.

3.Click on the link and donate to the BCITS TIL Team.

Any amount is welcome to help us meet our goal. Let’s move forward together! Go BCITS!

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