TIL is ready to help our members…VIRTUALLY!

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For some time BCITS members who are using our TIL Program have been asking for easier online support solutions, and we are listening! We are happy to be rolling out 3 new avenues to contact the TIL Technical Support Team to conduct virtual appointments: Skype, Apple FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.

How to get a hold of us via each of those platforms?

For Skype: “TIL BMED” (can be accessed from any computer or smart device)

For Apple Facetime: “til@bcits.org” (can be accessed from any iOS device [iPhone or iPad])

Google Hangouts: “TIL BMED” (can be accessed from any computer or smart device)

Of course, it is essential that the technicians are available at the times you wish to communicate with them. So please, when you are trying to get in contact with us via any of those 3 platforms, be sure to email us or call us ahead of time so a technicians can connect with you at a pre-arranged time.

Disclaimer: Skype, Facetime, and Hangouts are third party services and therefore you must agree to their terms and conditions before using their service. During your virtual appointment with TIL technical services, privacy data might be stored on servers outside of Canada. Should you wish not to utilize these services to receive TIL technical support, traditional technical support solutions (phone, email, home visit) are still available.

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