Sunscreen? The answer has to be yes

Wearing sunscreen should not be a controversial issue anymore. However, as this summer season is coming to an end, discussions around the use of wearing sunscreen remain. While the use of sunscreen may not have been part of people’s health regime while growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s, some parents were very adamant about wearing a hat. In other words: if you went outside into the sun, you were very much encouraged to wear a hat which provided certainly a protection from the damaging rays of the sun even then.

Today it is known that except when you are inside a building there is no safe hiding spot from the UV-Rays of the sun, even on a cloudy day or in winter It is worth bearing in mind that grey clouds allow 32% of rays to shine through while white, fluffy clouds allow 89% of rays through. Please check out the facts about skin cancer in Canada.

There are various reasons that some people continue not to wear sunscreen: the expense; it feels overly greasy and smells bad; it may cause acne; and some chemicals in some sunscreens may not be good for some people. Nevertheless, talk to your dermatologist and they will be able to help.

There has been a lot of talk about vitamin D deficiency lately. That is not a reason to suntan without a sunscreen. People can acquire a sufficient amount of vitamin D by diet and vitamin supplements.

Many a sun ‘worshiper’ take great pleasure in sitting in the sun for hours on end, basting their skin to a fire engine red which hopefully will turn eventually into a golden brown, especially for some of us who spend long winters in places like Newfoundland: the sun’s rays sooth many a bone and provide relief from the gloom and the freezing weather. Indeed, basking in the sun can continue albeit with the protection of some sunscreen.

The many people out there who still do not use sunscreen can easily be spotted by sporting flaming red 1st degree burns in mid-July. Let’s hope that learning to protect their skin is just one season away for these folks.

Of course, whether you are a regular sunscreen applicator or not, remains to be a personal choice. Changing habits takes time. A suggestion: maybe plan to take to the shade a little more; do remember that longer than 15 minutes in the sun without sunscreen is not a healthy choice; be mindful of the sun’s strength.

And remember there is nothing wrong at all to continue soothing aching bones in the sun but with the right protection. We welcome your thoughts on sunscreen usage!

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