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‘Smyle Mouse’ is a new mouse cursor system which uses the built-in webcam of your device to track head and face movement. While the system tracks head movement to move the cursor around on-screen, the user simply smiles to click & select items! Hence, the name: Smyle Mouse!

It works on computers and tablets running Windows. Once it is set-up, you can navigate your device hands free and voice free. There is a very helpful introductory one-minute demo video on the manufacturer’s website,
They also offer further demo’s and tutorials to get the most out of their software.

We tested the system on a laptop at BCITS. User do not need to install any extra hardware and the download & installation went smoothly. Calibration was quick, and we were able to start using the software immediately.

Windows offers an on-screen keyboard that can be used to type emails and google searches with the Smyle Mouse. Also, if you are running Windows 10, built-in speech recognition is available. It is recommended to use a microphone.

To see if ‘Smyle Mouse’ is for you, a free 14-day trial period is available to help you decide if you want to purchase the software. The price tag is $500 USD per device. Unfortunately the license is not transferable to other devices, so one would need to purchase a separate license for each device.

The developer has plans to release iOS and Android versions in the future.

Roger Desmarais, Biomed

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