Simon Cox Design Competition 2017

The BCITS Simon Cox Student Design Competition was held on April 5, 2017, at the BCIT campus. In attendance were BCITS Staff, BCIT Faculty, industry professionals, and former BCIT students…all eager to see the impressive projects the BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology students were going to present.

In all, eight teams were involved in this year’s design competition, up from five the previous year. Following the presentations, the judges unanimously commented that all eight teams were in the running to win the competition. Similar to previous years, the considerable amount of innovation, creativity, and hard work that was put into the projects was mind-boggling, but in the end there could be only one winner.

The winners of the 2017 BCITS Simon Cox Student Design Competition were…

First Place: SmartCast – A 3D printed mesh cast with various embedded sensors collecting and logging data for research purposes, viewed either on a smart device (phone/tablet) or computer.




From left to right: Wayne Pogue, Smart Cast Team member Dax Ryn, Nancy Lear and Ruth Marzetti. 

Second place: ICPC’s – A device to be left in a vehicle to monitor car temperature.  Text messages are sent to warn a caregiver when the in-car temperature exceeds a set limit.

Honourable Mention: Roam Dome – A wheelchair canopy mounted on the back of an electric wheelchair.  The canopy deploys and retracts using a hand operated switch.

Honourable Mention: Bluetec – A relay device that is activated from a smart device, using Bluetooth technology.  The relays then turn power on/off to 4 AC power outlets.

BCITS would like to thank the following individuals for their participation, enthusiasm, assistance and support, with the Simon Cox Design Competition…their involvement made the event a great success.

  • BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology Students and Faculty
  • Jochen Boehm, BCIT Biomedical Engineering Program, Project Instructor
  • Design Competition Judges
    • Nancy Lear, BCITS, Peer Network Facilitator
    • Jason Cheung, ATSS, Assistive Technologist (GF Strong)
    • Eric Molendyk, Tetra Society, BC Chapter Coordinator
    • Wayne Pogue, BCITS, Manager of Biomedical Engineering
  • BCITS Peers and Staff

Looking forward to welcoming you at next year’s competition! Check back on this website regularly for details!

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