Introducing new website for BCITS

BCITS is proud to present its new website. Incorporating feedback from users of the old site, we were trying for a fresh, clean, easy-to-navigate look. There was also the fact that the old site had been developed some years ago: it was certainly time to build a new website.

A content audit and structural analysis of the old site was performed, assessing all the information. We kept what was current but restructured the access route. We also added new materials and proceeded to present all the content in a streamlined, ordered way. The new site is divided into four sections that are easily accessible – Who You Are; What You Can Do; Who We Are; What We Can Do. If you ever want to return to the home page, simply click on the BCITS Technology for Living logo at the top.

We will offer regular updates to our blog on the site, to keep clients of BCITS and any other interested visitors up date with our programming, reviews of products and services for peers, or any other relevant news.

Of course all the information visitors may need about the BCITS’s programs, the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program (PROP) and Technology for Independent Living Program (TIL), continues to be readily available on the new website.

We have added an events page, currently featuring the 2nd Peer Meet ‘n Greet, the BCITS AGM and the Kinsmen/BCITS fourth Annual Golf Tournament.

Thank you to the clients who generously gave their permission to use their photographs and thank you to the staff who worked on the content for the new site. We will strive to keep the site dynamic and a pertinent source of information for all visitors. As such, the content of the site will be constantly updated. If you have any comments about the website or would like to contribute to the blogs please contact me:

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