A BCITS / IFRC series of discussion groups for peers

BCITS is teaming up with Paul Gauthier from IFRC to develop an exciting peer discussion group, “Pathways to Independence”, an attempt to create an opportunity for peers to meet regularly in Vancouver to discuss issues brought forward by the members of the group.

The first session will focus on introducing the Choice in Supports for Independent Living [CSIL] Program, including

  • an update on upcoming changes to the program
  • how to enrol
  • what you need to know as an employer
  • any CSIL questions or thoughts members of the group bring to the discussion

As the sessions move forward, the expectation is that discussions will be focused around peer interests. Some suggestions that may be of interest to participants for future meet ups are: invite peer guest speakers or guest speakers from organizations such as employment standards branch, employee benefits, or Translink.

“Pathways to Independence” aims to bring together peers on a regular basis who share common interests and want to support each another. The longer-term goal is to find peer leaders who will take the group forward to create a sustainable discussion group for peers.

All PROP and TIL members are welcome to join the group. Check out the calendar section on this site for dates and location. For more information please contact Ruth Marzetti at 604.326.0175 or Paul Gauthier at 604.777.7576 or send us a message via our website. BCITS RTs and Biomeds will also have details available.

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