Peer Meet and Greet

Executive Director Update

It was my pleasure to join  our Peer Network Facilitator, Nancy Lear,  at her first organised  Meet and Greet event for our clients to attend, and what an enjoyable and  successful event it was!   The theme of day was learning about our two programs Technology for Independent Living and the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program, it was held in the activity room at George Pearson Hospital.  Nancy asked our two staff members Samiko Guest (from Technology for Independent Living) and Sherry Shea (from the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program) to join us and give presentations about their work.  Both Samiko and Sherry gave interesting presentations, they demonstrated and talked about some of the  new equipment they work with.  The presentations struck up  lively and interesting discussions with clients asking questions about how equipment is used.  The questions were as varied as discussing technology to  turn the pages of e-readers to how to shower when one has a ventilator.  Clients also had the opportunity to learn more about the unique services that BCITS offer and Nancy is looking forward to connecting with people who are interested in  applying to have an automatic door open installed and having our staff come to their houses to assess what technology they can have  to increase their independence at home.

Not only was the day full of important information, it was also a great opportunity to socialise with each other.  There was a delicious spread of food and a fun door prize raffle so everyone was able to go home with a small gift.
Thanks to Nancy and her crew; which included staff Samiko Guest (biomed) , Sherry Shea (Respiratory Therapist)  and Richard Bing (Office Administrator).  Long term peers Heather Morrison and Jeanette Anderson also helped Nancy with the organisation of the event. If you would like further information on peer events please contact Nancy Lear, Network Peer Facilitator, or call her directly on 778-870 0122.
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