Seizure diary tools

If you are an epilepsy sufferer, there are many challenges, fears and frustrations to overcome. You need to remember the various types of seizures, frequencies, dates, lengths of the episode, seizure-types and the like. All of this compounded immensely when you are dealing with the stress of enduring the seizures themselves.

However, epilepsy is a very serious condition and it should be documented closely in order to learn more about the patterns and triggers.

Seizure tracking apps and and other online tools are very helpful for this purpose.

It’s most useful to enter notes directly into an app or other tracking tool as soon as possible after the seizure to be as accurate as you can possibly be. You can’t always trust your recollection of events to be accurate in the aftermath, so it’s a good practice to use these apps or tracking tools as an assistive technology to help document the times and dates during which an episode has occurred.

You can refer to it when meeting with an epileptologist, neurologist or physiatrist, so it’s helpful for your health care support professionals as well.

A variety of epilepsy log-type tools exist out there, take a look at a few. Since most are free, test them and go for the one feel most comfortable with and go from there.


One to look at is the app Seizure Log by Seizure Tracker. It’s currently only available via iTunes. If you are using an Android device you can use their mobile optimized website on your mobile device.



Another app is called Simple Seizure Log by Luke Berry. This app is not available for iOS devices (iphones, ipad).



epilepsy tool kit

Epilepsy Tool Kit app is available both on iTunes and the Google Play Store.



These are just some suggestions to get you started.

Good luck, Mark Stockbrocks

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