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A story made the rounds a while ago, of a person with a physical disability that had her iPad stolen from her, right outside an Apple store. As people often do, one gentleman immediately stepped up and purchased her a new one.

Luckily she hadn’t had her iPad for long, so she didn’t lose much information on the device. That being said, it can be very scary losing your tablet or smartphone and knowing that your information may be insecure.

At TIL we came across a few situations where clients have had their devices stolen from their wheelchair. Good news: there is a way to protect your device. TIL can offer convenience by mounting the device anywhere it is most usable, but to add more security to this setup, purchasing a universal tablet lock is an excellent solution. The name may sound confusing, but this lock can be used for tablets or smartphones. It can also be purchased with a variety of options such as colour, key vs combination lock, coil or straight cable, etc.

Once the plate is taped/glued onto your device, wrap the cable around a permanent bar on the wheelchair, and then lock it to your device. You are now secure!

For more information regarding this lock, or to purchase one, visit this website

However, they are also available from many other companies, just search for “universal tablet lock”.

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