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Technology For Living Rebrand

What’s in a name?

Shakespeare’s Juliet argued “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.  When BCITS was named as the umbrella for PROP and TIL after these programs left the BC Paraplegic Association (now Spinal Cord BC), we, like Juliet, did not put much stock in the name. We needed a corporate home for PROP and TIL that satisfied the rules of the province and we needed it quickly. So, a small committee settled on the BC Association for Individualized Technology and Supports for People with Disabilities as the best descriptor of the work of PROP and TIL. We knew that most people would still identify with either the PROP or TIL names. We hoped that the corporate name would, at best, be used as a formality. Once the legal papers were submitted, we promptly forgot about it because we had so much other work to do in creating a new society.

Finding something new

However, over the years, BCITS became cumbersome. Members did not know what the acronym stood for and staff became fatigued if they had to use the long form. Too many people got us confused with BCIT and we could not be more different.  The Board of Directors put a name change on the “to do” list but it was always overtaken by more pressing matters.

This year, the Board and staff of BCITS settled to the task of name changing and realized, after much discussion, that our new name was hiding in plain sight. Our tag line Technology for Living seemed to us to satisfy our desire for clarity, brevity and suitability as an umbrella for the much-loved PROP and TIL. With this issue of the Balance, I am happy to formally announce that the BCITS name will be replaced with Technology for Living, dressed up slightly with some brighter colours and cleaner icons. We are still the same organization at heart. Like Juliet, we  believe that our name is not as important as our deeds.

-Christine Gordon. Board Chair, Technology For Living

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