It’s time to get vocal for accessible housing

Affordable, accessible housing has been an issue for decades. Anybody who ever had to comb through the BC Housing Registry, or anxiously follow SCI’s (Spinal Cord Injury BC) housing announcements on their database, did the Craigslist thing when all else failed or lived in unacceptable conditions while waiting years for a suitable place to become available: we at BCITS urge you to be vocal now for change!

The Federal Government is taking action and opening a dialogue on housing. Click on this link, take the short survey and make your voice heard. Sign up for updates so you stay informed.

I myself took the Federal Housing Strategy survey. It is short but powerful. It was very important to me to participate as I have had my share of bad housing experiences.

When I first arrived in Vancouver, coming from a small place outside St. John’s, Newfoundland, I had nowhere to live! It was the Vancouver Resource Society who came to my rescue and provided temporary housing for me while I worked on sorting out my home care needs.

I lived in housing they provided for 6 months while searching for a wheelchair accessible place in Vancouver. There was nothing available at all!

I became very frustrated. A subsidized wheelchair accessible apartment was available in Burnaby but that’s not where I wanted to live! Finally, after another month passed and I continued to have no leads on a place in Vancouver, I checked SCI again and saw that the Burnaby suite was still listed. Out of options, I called about it. I was asked to fill out an application before I was able to view it. Another week passed. When I finally did see the suite I fell in love immediately and did not hesitate to move! I’ve been here ever since, and happily. But my ultimate goal continues to be to find suitable accommodations in Vancouver!

Do share with us your housing story in the comments box below. Your experiences provide a wealth of knowledge and when we share knowledge, we empower each other.

Nancy Lear, Peer Coordinator BCITS

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