Disability Pride

On Thursday June 15, 2017 over 1000 people attended and participated in Richmond’s Disability Pride March. The event was presented by Inclusion BC. This first ever Disability Pride celebration and parade in British Columbia was part of Canada 150+. Self-advocacy, family and youth groups, Indigenous, multi-cultural and community living organizations, and many others took the disability identity to the streets of Richmond, BC.

While the weather was wet and chilly, the mood was sunny and warm and positive vibes reigned supreme as participants proudly raised signage of inclusive messages. It was a day to be counted! After the March, everyone gathered around speakers from the Human Rights Commission, various political parties, Inclusion BC, the Autism Society, and other advocates who addressed this year’s Pride theme which celebrated the strength of sharing vulnerabilities as everyone engages in deeper and more meaningful relationships.

As part of this celebration, Inclusion BC hosted conversations, panels and workshops all year round, culminating in a video documentary “The Story Behind Disability Pride 2017”. Questions explored were: What does Pride look like for the Community Inclusion movement? What does it sound and feel like to you.

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