Design Competition Winners 2018

In conjunction with the BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology program and Kinsmen BC, BCITS hosted the 2018 SC Student Design Competition on April 4th. Nine teams of students presented innovative projects including coding, 3D printing, wireless technologies, and mechanical concepts. All projects were focused on developing “Assistive Technology” aiding people with physical disabilities.

The event was a great success, with more teams applying, more members present, and more spectators attending than in all previous years. The diverse projects submitted this year offered ideas from steering wheel sensors to be used by OTs, a switch-activated blanket mover, to a device allowing people with speech and physical challenges to use smart technology and many more.

The winner of the competition was Chameleon. This is a device that provides switch-access to voice assistants (ie: Google Home/Amazon Echo) for people with physical disabilities and limited voice function. Congratulations from us at BCITS to Tyler Dierks, Aaron Schneider, and Spirit Grinke on this amazing project!

BCITS would like to thank the Kinsmen Foundation of BC for sponsoring and supporting this event; the student teams who put so much innovation and work into their projects; the BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology program for their involvement in the competition; the judges of the event; and the attendees who came out to support the event.


From left to right: Wayne Pogue (Judge, BCITS, Manager of Biomedical Engineering), Nancy Lear (Judge, Peer Advocate), Jerzy Pacek (Judge, BCITS, Biomedical Engineering Technologist), Aaron Schneider (Student, BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology), Eric Molendyk (Judge, TETRA Society, National Coordinator), Tyler Dierks (Student, BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology), Ruth Marzetti (BCITS, Executive Director)

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