Peer Support

What’s a Peer?

A peer is any person going through like-minded circumstances to yours. Some of the ways we support one another are:

  • Listening to each other’s concerns
  • Sharing information with each other and with Technology For Living
  • Understanding everyone is unique
  • Respecting everyone’s opinions
  • Attending events to support each other socially and emotionally

If you’re interested in joining, Contact Nancy

We’re a diverse group of members, some of whom know what it’s like to live with a ventilator, transition from an institution to the community, and live with a disability.

As the Peer Support Facilitator at Technology For Living, Nancy Lear is suggesting: “If you get the opportunity to share your experiences with other people, please do so! It’s empowering for everyone involved.”

Peer Support Facilitator, Nancy Lear

Peers on Pages

An online co-facilitated workshop that provides an opportunity to share writing and to receive peer feedback, writing tips and guidance.

We Talk Tech Seniors Program

Provides education on Information technology (IT) and other devices which can be purchased off the shelf and set up at home to increase independence.

Pathways to Independence

An exciting peer discussion group that meet regularly to explore common interests and ways to support one another.

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