VitalAire Respiratory Home Care Award

Esther Khor, manager of the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program (PROP), was honored to receive the much coveted VitalAire Respiratory Home Care Award.

This was presented to her at the national Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapy conference held in Niagara Falls Ontario in early May.

A Great Honor…

It was a great honor for Esther to receive the award from leaders and peers in her field of respiratory therapy. The award recognizes Esther’s contributions to home mechanical ventilation services, and her influence on others in the field all across Canada, encouraging her profession to reach higher levels of achievement in the field of respiratory home ventilation services.

The work of the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program (PROP) respiratory team, whom she leads, shares the experience of optimizing home ventilation for PROP members across BC

We’re All Incredibly Proud

We are all incredibly proud of Esther Khor and the PROP team of five respiratory therapists and one RN who serve the province. 

We believe that the services offered by PROP are second to none. Esther and the team are vigilant in researching the most up-to-date, safe and comfortable therapies for individuals throughout the province of BC, who require respiratory services.  They promote strong collaboration with the members, and other community healthcare providers to ensure the best service is given.

PROP services continue to be driven by the spirit of the members and with their support and advice the PROP team are able to recommend and implement a variety of individualized solutions to fulfill the diverse needs of our community.

Congratulations Esther and the PROP team.


If you need respiratory advice or support please contact the PROP team at 1-800-326-1245

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