Voting in Canada

The Right (and the Responsibility) to Vote: A Member’s Opinion

Arjo is a member of BCITS.  Here’s an article from Arjo voicing his opinion on our responsibility as voters. See below to read the full piece.


Living in a democracy, the right to vote is not just a privilege, but a responsibility. It is your right, and your opportunity to play a part in governing your country.

Everyone’s Responsibilities

The responsibility, however, does not end with simply tossing your ballot in the box and departing, not to be seen again, for the next four years. If you take your vote seriously, you will not only mark the ballot, but remind your federal, provincial and municipal governments what is important to you.

Vote For Policies

I was asked by a friend of mine who I’m voting for in the upcoming federal election. Somewhat evasively, I responded, I don’t just vote for people or parties, I vote for policies. A little more thought reminded me, we must consider whether the people we vote for can actually do a good job administrating. That means experience and business sense, not just ideology.

The Business Of Life

Having grown up in BC, I have a passion for nature. How can one not – looking at the mountains, the trees, the seaside and the creatures that inhabit the world around us? But I’m also a businessperson. I know what it’s like to run a business. It takes lots of time and sacrifice of other opportunities. Yet business, whether we do it formally or not, is life. One way or another, we all must pay the bills, buy groceries, ensure a roof over our heads. Knowing how and where the next dollar is coming from – so it will be there to pay for what you need – is essential.

So, when you think about the upcoming elections, think about your principles, but also think about how those principles relate to reality in this beautiful country we live in.

Life in Canada, beautiful or harsh, has always been a compromise between nature, and civilization. Do you want to live in a tent in the wilderness – adventurous as that may be? Or do you want the luxuries of life, including a warm, comfortable environment in the winter, a tablet or a smart phone, economical and efficient transportation, and perhaps a care aide and a ventilator?

To many, these are not luxuries, but necessities.

Think About This Country

So, when pondering the names on the ballot, think about this country and how we must protect it. But, at the same time think of how we must make use of its resources, so that we can afford to enjoy the lifestyle and the level of health standards we do. Do you understand the products and services you use, where they come from, how they are paid for, how they should be used and disposed of responsibly? Make sure the people you vote for understand the same, as well as who you are, what your needs and demands are. Are they going to make a difference, or empty promises? Don’t be afraid to emphasize the contribution you make.

If you don’t speak out, others will, but they may not have your priorities in mind.

So, in the upcoming election, don’t just vote, but drop your candidate a letter, an email, or make an appointment, to let them know HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE TO THEIR FUTURE.

Happy Voting!


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