Reviewing “Take a Look at This Heart” documentary

On September 10, 2018 a new documentary called Take a Look at This Heart had its premier screening at the SVA Theatre in New York and it has since been shown at a few select screenings across the US.

Ben Duffy, creator of this documentary has shone a spotlight on an entrenched myth… and torn it to shreds: people with disabilities don’t have sex. The stories brought to life in the film investigate this fairly taboo topic and offer as much an educational as an emotional message to show a reality not often enough acknowledged. In the trailer for Take a Look at This Heart, a range of emotions are evoked while the viewer moves from one story to the next.

But the overarching message is clear: sexual fulfillment with a partner is everybody’s right and each partnership defines those fulfillment parameters on their own terms. Watching the trailer for this documentary promises a glimpse into the lives of people with disabilities as they share their thoughts, experiences, opinions, joys, fears AND much more about sex. It raises questions about the participants’ own perceptions about sex and their physical body as well as what they believe to be the perception of others looking into their world, when it comes to being a sexual person with a disability.

Within the next couple of weeks the documentary will be released on iTunes to the general public. You can sign up on the official website to get an email alert when it becomes available for purchase.

There is also a behind the scenes video offering a glimpse into the actual making of the documentary available on YouTube. And for more on the topic sexuality and disability have a look at Australia’s Huffington Post titled “Sexuality and disability aren’t mutually exclusive.”



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