6 months in….

While talking with our chair, Christine Gordon, this week I noticed that I have been in the Executive Director position for six months: an exciting milestone. My realization came immediately in the first week, after meeting our team made up of Respiratory Therapists, Biomeds and support staff whose work cover the whole province: working with PROP (the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program) and TIL (the Technology for Independent Living Program) is going to be ongoing learning and embracing change. As we all know, technology changes rapidly and we here at BCITS are committed improving so we can continue to offer each individual client the best solutions for their differing requirements. And while technology is indeed the area contributing to our success at BCITS, the second is most certainly the incredibly committed and skilled team of board and staff members working to ensure that each and every client lives at home as independently and comfortably as possible. After six months working with them all I can honestly say: I feel very fortunate to be part of this team and I am looking forward to the next 6 months.

And what exactly is on the horizon for the future? Here is a question for you: who knows what BCITS stands for? Top marks if you answered “BC Association for Individualized Technology and Support for People with Disabilities”. What a mouthful! We will be looking to rebrand and as part of that undertaking we will explore a new name. If anyone is interested in sharing ideas or thoughts about this endeavour, do contact us! And of course, we always encourage feedback about our services! I will be happy to hear from you, no matter what, even for just a chat. Give me a call on 604-301-4201 or email me.

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